Size Matters

Nutrition for large and giant breed dogs has become a hot topic of discussion among giant breed dog owners. Large and giants breeds are any dog that will be 55lbs or over once they are fully grown. These dogs have unique dietary requirements when they are young. These dogs will increase in size very quickly and need a food with the proper nutritional requirements and balance to help them achieve there full potential and size.

Large dogs aren’t the only ones with special dietary needs. Small dogs can put on weight very quickly; a small amount of weight on their little bodies can cause large problems. An overweight dog will be less active, prone to arthritis, injuries and will not live as long. All dogs and cats need to be monitored carefully for weight gain. Weigh-ins are always no charge at the vet clinic. Check your pet’s weight 2-3 times a year to confirm they are maintaining a healthy weight. You can always speak the vet or the technicians about weight loss or food for your pet.

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