Pre-anesthetic and Pre-surgery Blood Testing

When you book your pet into our hospital to undergo a surgical procedure or other procedure that requires use of an anaesthetic we will ask you for permission to do some blood tests first. The tests are usually done the morning of the booked procedure so that an extra visit to the hospital is not required. Blood tests allow us to confirm that your pet’s organs are functioning properly and to reveal any hidden health conditions, even congenital ones in young animals, that could put your pet at risk. These tests help us ensure that your pet can properly process and then eliminate the anaesthetic he or she is given. If results are within normal ranges, we can proceed with confidence knowing that anaesthetic risk is minimized. On the other hand if results are not within normal ranges, we can alter the anaesthtic procedure or take other precautions to safeguard your pet’s health and reduce the risk of potential complications. The results from the tests become a part of your pet’s medical record and provide baseline levels for future reference.

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